Vadim O. Kudryavtsev

My site is devoted to digital signal processing: filter banks, various transforms and time-frequency distributions on the basis of filter banks, and fast algorithms for their implementation.

I have made it in order to find adherents in area of digital signal processing and for possible idea exchange.

In the section "Research Collection" I have presented contents of the most interesting books in digital signal processing I have. There you can find also links to the internet resources which contain conference proceedings in digital processing area. You will see also which proceedings I have in electronic version. If you are interested in someone, let me know. I'll be glad to help you.

Section "Algorithms" is devoted to some nontrivialdigital signal processing algorithms. These algorithms I found during my various works in DSP field, and they seem to be very interesting, so I decided place them on my site for you. Their functioning was verified with Matlab. You can download Matlab code.

In the section "Publications" you will find a list of my publications to this moment. Of course you can download any of them.

Section "Downloads" is the spare one. There is some staff for download (few programs, and one datasheet on KR1820 chips). May be somenody of you can find them useful.

Section "Hobby" was appeared relatively late. I decided to tell what I do in my own time, what books I like and so on...

Take a look at my Resume for any professional information

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