2018.02.20    Created Matlab scripts for block convoluiton using skew transform (for overlap-add and overlap-save variants). This aproach requires FFT of size  N compared to classic one that requires 2N FFT size.

2017.08.15    Created fvtool for Octave.

2016.08.14    Recreated all Matlab scripts found in dissertation of Mr. Lang. See link Design Examples Using Least Square IIR Filter Optimization Program. I found these scripts to be very useful in practical design of FIR anf IIR filters with simultaneously prescribed magnitude and phase.

2015.12.12    Made link to one more puzzle - SlidePyramid. Inspired by SlideCube.

2015.02.22    Created link to one of my first Android applications - SlideCube. Interesting and relatively simple puzzle - it is more easier than Rubik's Cube. Hope it will be attractive to childrens and their parents.