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My Photos

Pechy. View of the forest from under the bridge
(31 march 2001)

The same view, but already in winter
(9 December 2001)

Forest by the way from Pechy to Borisov
(31 march 2001)

Trees in the snow. On the way to my work.
(23 december 2001)

Little firtrees near the bus station "Filimonova str.". Minsk
(2 February 2002)

Beautiful firtrees. This place is not so far from my workplace.
(15 February 2002)

How quickly the weather change. There are the same firtrees, but three days later
(18 February 2002)

And again the same firtrees. It snows again
(22 February 2002)

Beautiful landsape in the district Zeleny Lug. Minsk.
(22 April 2002)